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Travels with Bill Stotesbury...

Fortunate to have the opportunity, Bill travelled extensively with his work and whilst playing jazz with the Ken Colyer Band

Work with architects and structural engineers took him in the Sixties to Germany, Sweden, Finland and Canada. And in the Seventies to Japan for Expo, Mexico, and again to Europe

The Eighties found him in India and Yugoslavia and he made many visits to the South of France. A Seventeen day tour of the Middle East with with the Ken Colyer Band for the British Council included concerts in Beirut, Lebanon, Damascus, Syria, Kuwait and Khartoum

Throughout the Nineties, band work kept him travelling in the UK and Europe. As well as taking a trip to the Seychelles, I991 saw the start of his annual tours to New Orleans hosting groups from England and guiding them in the city; www.diplomatic.co.uk and of course there were the painting holidays in France to keep him travelling.

His extensive library of photographs shows his interest in shape, form, composition and colour and it also demonstrates his quirky humour. Visit www.millbury.co.uk to see more.


Mexico - Life is a Beach